25% off Ninja Samurai Twin Blade 27" swords Katana Japanese Comba

25% off Ninja Samurai Twin Blade 27" swords Katana Japanese Combat larp live action role play

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Fight like a ninja with this set of twin swords. At over two feet in length, these swords are long enough to inflict damage, but short enough to wield with dexterity, giving you an advantage over your foes. The swords also function as sheaths, allowing you to use the pair as a staff when closed, so you?ll have more fighting potential than with a single sword. Sleek, black and providing the ultimate in power and control, these swords make a statement in a collection, or even by themselves hung on the wall. Enjoy a truly beautiful piece when you hang these on your wall.\n\nSpecifications:\nTWIN SWORDS \n26.75" IN LENGTH\nBLACK/SILVER HANDLE\nINCLUDED BUTTON LOCK METAL CASE\n\nHistorically, katana were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (nihontō) that were used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. The katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands.\n\nThis is an example of traditional japanese tantos larping sword. Great for Halloween costumers or just for decoration around the house is this sword. Many people use these for larping as they definitely get the job done.