8" Stainless Steel Japanese Samurai Sword Letter opener Ninja Katana Scabbard

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Want to spice up your desk at work? Well, grab this unique samurai sword letter opener, and you'll be able to slice through envelopes in no time! The sword itself is 8" overall and features a 3.85" mirror finished blade. The handle has a cord wrapped appearance, just like a real katana. When you're not using it to open your letters, simply slide it into the included sheath, and rest it on the display stand.\n\n- LETTER OPENER\n\n- 8" OVERALL\n\n- 3.85" MIRROR FINISHED BLADE\n\n- 1.2MM THICKNESS PLAIN BLADE\n\n- 2.55" CORD WRAPPED HANDLE\n\n- BLACK SCABBARD WITH BLUE\n\n- INCLUDES COMPOSITE DISPLAY STAND