ANVIL 25 LB BLACKSMITH Cast Iron With Long Horn Metal Forging, Hardy & Pritchel

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This listing is for our new 25lb Cast Iron Anvil by Pro Grade.\n\n\nSpecifications:\nMid Level Cast Iron\nFully Polished Surface Area\nExtra Long Shaping Horn\nMachined Pritchel and Hardy Holes\nGeneral shop metal forging anvil\nDimensions: Overall Length is 10-3/4"\nHorn is 3"\nOverall Width is 4-7/8"\nHeight is 5-1/2"\nPolished face is 6-3/8" by 2-1/2"\nFour(4) anchor points\nGreat Starter Anvil\nLifetime Warranty\n\nCast iron\nSteel\nBlade making\nSword making\nDamascus steel\nForging\nForged in fire\nForge\nForgery